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overdose delusion [entries|friends|calendar]

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alien [27 Mar 2017|09:06am]
[ mood | creative ]

check out this lovelyness. i still can't believe we're getting a true alien movie from ridley scott.

it looks like he's respecting hr giger's original design (he had giger make a mural in prometheus they used in the big engineer face chamber).
plus eggs, facehuggers, and what looks like a queen's head at the top.

what's also interesting is originally, right after promethus came out, ridley said he wanted to base the sequel on dante's inferno, or at least pull influence from it, and call the film paradise lost. since then, they seemed to have focused on making it a true alien film, but have at least kept the imagrey with this poster, which is based on a dante's inferno mural. and from what i've seen in the trailer, they're still using the "paraise lost" idea literally, with a inhabitable planet lost to the aliens.

i'm so excited for this.

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damnit [25 Mar 2017|01:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i was looking at some old posts with some amazing pictures attached to them....that are not there anymore because the sites that were hosting them are gone.

i should've known better than to host my pictures on angelfire.com.

god damnit.

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jason lives [25 Mar 2017|09:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

i seriously cannot wait for the friday the 13th game.


i need it now.

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rise from your gwave [24 Mar 2017|05:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so marvel is resurrecting wolverine and jean grey (finally, she's been dead for over a decade) in their new generations comic.

i'm pretty stoked. i've missed wolverine, although old man logan is awesome, but I've really missed jean.
now they just need to resurrect professor x (phoenix possessed cyclops killed him in avengers vs. x-men) and cyclops (he died from the terrigen cloud) and it'd finally be like 90s x-men again.

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i stopped eating meat [24 Mar 2017|02:32pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

it's been about a year since i stopped eating meat. it's not as bad as I thought it'd be.

the only thing is, i should be eating healthier by default, right? but I usually end up eating like, pizza or french fries.


i gotta work on that.

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okay [24 Mar 2017|01:16pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

going to start writing in this again.

no, for real this time!

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photography [23 Sep 2014|02:14pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

i've been trying to start doing photography and have been lacking insipiration...
until I see pictures like this

and this

and i get inspired again. i wish i was this talented!

this is the sort of photography i'd like to do.
gotta keep trying!

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hello livejournal, my old friend... [23 Sep 2014|01:49pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

going to start using this again!

it's been too long...

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no really [24 Jul 2008|04:47pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so where'd ross go?
dude dissapeared off the face of the goddamn earth.

if anyone has any info on ross, where he's been hiding, you let me know.

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the unstoppable force vs. the imovable object [21 Jul 2008|01:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

so i saw the dark knight.
i'm seeing it again. i have to.
it was by far the best movie i've seen in ...years.
how many? i'm not sure. but i really have yet to see, at all, a movie that combines summer action fare with a smart, meaningful story.
the joker is also by far, in my opinion, the greatest character to grace a movie screen.
and this isn't that new movie smell that's got to me. no, this is including movies from the past century.
i've never seen a character on screen and completely believed he existed. always in the back of my head i'm thinking about the actor playing him. no, not this time. the joker is real in this movie. and how he's grounded in reality. just a purple suit and some paint on his face.
he's ...plausible. he can exist. no chemical bath or hard to believe cause for his look and existence.
in his words "just a few bullets and some dynamite" is all he needed to become the greatest screen character i've ever seen.
oh yes, i'm seeing it again.

and my costume should be here soon. i got it all at once. the vest, the coat, the make up.
i suppose i'll go to the next fetish party. or i'll just wear it for halloween like i intended.

that's it at the moment.
good day.

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sweat [15 May 2008|03:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]

time to be ruthless.
4 months to go. then i'm gone.
money must be absorbed and stocked away like so many bears do when they hibernate.
except bears stock delicious yums, not money.
i have most of what i've been meaning to aquire, except one last peice of equipment.
a car. but also i need to acutally go to philly with tereza and find a place of residence.
so i need a ticket too. and soon. srsly.
also: orlando at the end of june.

tomorrow: stir crazy.
maybe some sneakers.
anything is possible.

and i got world of warcraft.

joeshin on alleria.
warlocking blood elf.

for when i can't sleep.

speaking of which, i had a goddamn dream about tereza scott baio.
like the tereza one was fine, we were hanging in outer space talking about trees or something. but the scott baio one invovled me and him working on rebuilding his image through his website: scottbaio.com. anyways, some dude was working on it too and he totally screwed it up so i was like "ass" and scott baio was mighty pissed and went on about how he's tarnishing the scottbaio.com name. then i got mad and i told scott baio i'd see him later and i walked out of the room and onto college grounds to a class or whatever.

no, really.

i guess it's better than tornados.

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right [07 May 2008|10:34am]
[ mood | creative ]

so today is going to be splendid.

what to do?
well i just found out my new tv will be here friday.

there's also the idea of going to a fetish party dressed as the joker.
before, you know, EVERYONE dresses like him. i just need to acutally get a costume that looks like him. purple coats are hard to find, along with green vests.
i got the hair and make up though. i can pull that off i'm sure.

i also need to get tickets for eddie izzard.

and i need to hang out with various friends again.

and alot of other stuff.

oh man, i can't wait until i move and i can write without problems. and paint. and do whatever else i want. creativly.

also, i need a FILM camera for filmmaking.
those are pretty expensive. about $3,000.
there's always rentals though, which is what most people do.

and i'm acutally getting back into gaming again. instead of buying new games i'm going back and playing ones i never got to or bought.

next is: final fantasy xii.

that is all for now.

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past few days [30 Apr 2008|04:56pm]
i was over tereza's place for the past few days. just me and her. w00t. since saturday night acutally. much fun was had. including video games and movies and nudity abound. also the nice feeling of being with someone and not getting sick of their presence..well for me anyways...from being with them for a long period of time. good news since we're going to be roommates soon.

i also found out my tv is was backstocked, but it'll be in stock in a few days so i'll be getting it next week. i also really have a longing to play a game again. like from beginning to end. a new game. there's just something really cool about getting immersed in a game for maybe a week or so that i really miss. there's acutally some good games coming out now too so maybe i can acutally do that again. 'cuz srsly, there wasn't that much to choose from in the past year or so.

oh yeah! i saw the mission veo friday night. they were great. like exceptionally good. they're a smaller local band but they sound like they've been playing for years. really cool gothic dance rock type of sound. i think that's acutally a game you can play. gothic always beats dance. but rock beats gothic. anyways, that was fun. the club they were playing at, respectables, was really cool too. really fun vibe sitting in there with people around and loud music playing. i liked it.
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cool! [24 Apr 2008|09:39am]
so i still haven't gotten my new awesome high defifuckingnition tv yet.
this site i got it from is like, the place for this sort of stuff.
they send it to you in new condition, whatever it is. ipods, cameras, tvs.
but at like $200 or more off what it normally costs. how? they get them built out of factory, so they can set their own price.
it's brand new and exactly the same, just not built in the factory. it's worth it. problem is, they seem to have a casual sense to their business.
i guess they assume the prices are so good people will just accept that they have to wait 2 weeks for "1 to 3 days shipping."

which really is sad, i mean really. that sucks. that's just a bad way to run a company. but if it's $200 in my wallet that i can go and spend on a new ipod that's normally $600, well, i guess it ok. i guess...

wait 'til you see this tv though guys. it's going to be great.
it's a 23" high definition lcd widescreen tv with hdmi inputs, pc connections, all sorts of cool stuff.
seriously, i mean, unless it was bigger, which really it shouldn't be, since it's for my room, this is pretty much the best tv i could get.
like no comprimise, this is exactly what i wanted.

i'll make a video when it arrives about how cool it is.
when it arrives...blah.
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i'm writing in this shit like it's 2003 again! [22 Apr 2008|09:23am]
yeah, everyday.
writing in this.
because only the cool people use livejournal.

go have fun on your lame social networking sites.
i'll be on here.
and facebook.

i have lots to acutally write but...i'll get to that eventually.

oh, and me and tereza were talking about this and i'm totally going to go with it.
i'm going to write whatever's on my mind. trivial, fun, sad, annoying, depressing, angry, happy.
it's my journal, if it bothers you, just read someone else's. it's mine and i can write anything in it.
it's for me. not you. but your welcome to read it.

that is all.
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hmmmm [09 Apr 2008|02:21am]
i'm not sure what to think.
i can't explain it. i'm at a point where all the stuff i never decided to get to is totally getting in the way with my life.
it's my fault obviously. i let it get that way. and there's few places to turn. but slowly there's progress made. guess all i can do is focus on that.

tereza came over and we watched goodfellas.
but before that we went to tgifriday's. although the point was to go to cold stone...which we dissapointingly found out afterwards was closed. wtf, it closes past 10pm?? but it's a weekeday! blast!

i told her i'd pay for whatever she felt like getting, which was an alcoholic drink with fruit in it. which like, i always passed on paying for alcoholic drinks for friends. they can drink all they want, but i never really felt like paying for said alcohol. but i said whatever, it's no big deal really anymore. so i got it and she said i should drink it. and i did. lolz. i only had a sip though. i'm guessing i'd like it better without the alcohol but yeah, i drank a bit of an alcoholic drink. which i've never acutally decided to do. ever. not like i got drunk so it's alright. but yeah, that was odd.

i know why i did too. i get weird when i'm like this. i'm not sure what to make of it.
oh well, i'll just keep waiting and see what happens. it's fun so far.
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i need to vent somewhere...as opposed to someone. [06 Apr 2008|06:54pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

ugh. it's so hard to like, explain things sometimes.
like there's so much on my mind. it's overwhelming.
and like, i'm just trying to get my head around the immense sadness and dissapointment of all the oppurtunities happening, and because i suck, i can't acutally use said oppurtunities. like, i keep trying, despite so much bullshit in my life. like 90% of my life is spent unhappy and miserable. like i seriously can't stand it anymore. and i can't take the stuff that makes me happy, which is like, mostly from...someone...and then go back into the thick of "oh yeah, fuck, i'm miserable again." it's like hey this is awesome oh no it's not, wait yeah it is. my emotions are starting to die. even around mostly everyone else i serious can't, like put away what's bothering in my head, so i just sit there and be quiet and run off in my mind how bad life is and what the fuck is going on with me. and trying to get my shit in order isn't going as well as i'd hoped.


fuck it.

i just can't get back into that space i was in last year...

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quills [02 Apr 2008|08:06am]
yeah i haven't seen quills in a million years.
and i just watched it again last night.
ahhhh, that movie is good.
no one's seen it though! just because it has a dude in a white wig on the cover.
seriously, it's a crazy movie. go see it. tereza took mine so you must aquire your own.

and im making mad money. well not mad money, but alot.
and i'm saving alluvit.
cept for certain stuff here and there. like new tv? yuh huh.
it will be purchased tomorrow. then watching movies will be more enjoyable.
and playing games. and you know, whatnot.
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anti matter [18 Feb 2008|12:17am]

:::10 bands you've been listening to lately:::
01. Sky Eats Airplane
02. Tool
03. Killswitch Engage
04. The Mission Veo
05. As I Lay Dying
06. Unearth
08. Dimmu Borigir
09. Delerium

:::09 things you look forward to:::
01. Getting my life in order, with purpose, right now as we speak.
02. Being social with everyone, being friends instead of holding on to old hate.
03. Moving out.
04. Making a goddamn movie.
05. Going to concerts, movies, out again
06. Having parties every week.
07. Never fucking sleeping, I'll sleep when I die.

:::8 things you like to wear:::
01. Tool shirts
02. Video game shirts
03. Horror movie shirts
04. Pants
05. Nothing
06. Black
07. The skin of my enemies
08. Those damn sandles

:::07 things that annoy you:::
01. People's pointless problems.
02. People's continuous bullshit.
03. People's nonsensical Nonsense
04. People thinking I should feel like shit just because they do.
05. Love, relationships.
06. Bi chicks making out with eachother but not me.
07. Knowing it took me so long to get my life in order.

:::06 things you touch everyday:::
01. my computer
02. My Junk
03. My clothes
04. My video games
05. my hair
06. my face

:::05 things you do everyday:::
01. Go on myspace or livejournal or whatever
02. Chill with people at work and after work
03. Write when I have the time.
04. Try to get some action from hot chicks, and fail.
05. listen to music

::: 04 people you want to spend more time with:::
01. Friends

:::03 movies you could watch over and over again:::
01. Hellraiser
02. Whatever else i own...

:::02 of your favorite songs at the moment:::
01. The Arms of Sorrow Killswitch Engage
02. New York Scum The Mission Veo

:::01 thing you are thinking of:::
01. I wish I could get my creativity back. My mind is like a well that has run dry.

15 Years Ago, I...

1. I was 10
2. Am not sure.
3. Watched Ren and Stimpy
4. Played Sonic the Hedgehog
5. Read comics

10 Years Ago, I...
1. ...was 15 years old
2. Was playing Resident Evil 2 nonstop
3. ...used to watch Rocko's Modern Life.
4. Lived in New York

5 Years Ago, I...
1. Was sane.
2. Had more friends than I could count.
3. Had a girlfriend.
4. ...got my PS2.
5. ...watched a lot of anime.

3 Years Ago, I...
1. ...was 22.
2. ...started losing track of where my life was going.
3. Wasn't sure I was sane anymore...
4.Had no idea what direction to go
5. Saw alot of movies that year.

1 Year Ago, I...
1. ...was 24.
2. was miserable
3. found no point into talking to anyone
4. .
5.wasn't sure I wanted to live anymore

Yesterday, I...
1. Witnessed 2 bi girls to making out, again.
2. Stay awake with a friend from work after working 10 hours and watched zombies movies until 3am
3. Drove around with said friend and another friend with music blaring from the car going absolutely nowhere.
4. Was glad and aware my life had meaning and purpose again
5. Met a new chick at work

Today, I...
1. ...worked 10am-7:30pm
2. ...solved people's problems.
3. Remebered I hadn't slept in 35 hours and coutning
4. Tried to see what everyone was doing after work
5. ...rocked out to metal.

Tomorrow, I...
1. ...am going to work at sometime that i'm not sure about
2. going to chill with some people after work
3. ask everyone if they're into a party sat. night.
4. getting a cell phone
5. telling new friends said cell phone number

5 games I like...

1. Resident Evil
2. Sonic The Hedgehog
3. Final Fantasty VII
4. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
5. Jet Set...Jet Set....JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOO!!

5 things I'd buy with $1000 are...

1. car.
2. wii.
3. apartment
4. trip to japan
5. hookers

3 bad habits I have are...

1. i'm a spaz.
2. when people stop talking to me i'm inclinded to get apathetic to them and 2 other random people that did nothing wrong just for the trouble.
3. can't pay attetion

My interests at the moment include...

1. ...Reading
2. ...Video games
3. ...Dope-ass music
4. Work
5. Writing

4 different places I've lived include...

1. New York
2. Florida
3. nope
4. no

My top 3 biggest worries at the moment are...

1. Will I ever meet someone that isn't cool at first and goes completely bat shit months down the road?
2. ...whether I will ever again find someone I am compatible with on multiple levels.
3. fucking car

My top 5 biggest joys at the moment are...

1. cool people that are actually friends.
2. ...music is fucking awesome.
3. parties, well, soon anyways
4. ...video games keep me occupied.
5. writing screenplays.
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i hate valentine's day [14 Feb 2008|07:30am]
well, i've never celebrated it.
i never had a girlfriend long enough to celebrate it.
even though, if i did, i'd mock it.

as i stayed at wal-mart all night watching all these meaningless items go through i kept thinking how lame it is, how the next day no one's going to want to look at a heart bear or whatever else these people bought. what's the point? if you really wanted to show you loved them you'd make them something. even if it sucked, it'd mean more than some $20 bear you'll put away.

and i keep getting hit on at work. by really hot chicks. i'm not sure why.
but this one stood out, and i was going to ask about her number or tell her my myspace, lol...or something, but these people next to her were annoyed that we kept talking to eachother so i was like ehhhhh...now i'm pissed though.

and you people should visit me sometime. seriously. i'm always there, and i'm in the front.
you can mock me or whatever.

and, i know i've been saying it over and over, but this time i mean it.
PARTY. it will happen soon...when i get paid next.
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